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Market Place refurbishment

Market Place

Wokingham Town Council, in collaboration with the Borough Council, will be undertaking a full-scale refurbishment of the Market Place around the Town Hall.

The access road round the Town Hall will disappear, the buses that used it having already been re-routed. This will allow the whole area to be re-paved, providing a larger open space for pedestrians and the market stalls.

Wokingham Society representatives have been involved in various workshops about this initiative, and the design of the local roads and pedestrian provision.

Test holes were drilled in January 2017 to physically confirm the very detailed scanning that has already taken place which showed a ‘spaghetti junction’ of services and utilities beneath the surface. This pre-construction work will inform the exact nature of the work needed, the timescales and full costs involved which will be finally considered by both councils.

Work is starting in the Summer of 2017 and should be completed the following year.