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Hewden Plant Hire Depot Development

Ashill Development Company has obtained planning permission to build 45 dwellings on the Hewden Plant hire site off Old Forest Road. The site is being developed in association with Bellway Homes.

Hewdon development

The Society’s Executive Committee sent Ashill its pre-application views, and some of these concerns were reflected in the amended plans as submitted.

The alterations are summarised by Ashill as follows:
Reduced density
Overall number of units reduced from 50 to 45.
Scale and massing
Height of the proposed apartment building on the right side of the access reduced from 4 storeys to 3 storeys.
Reduction in the scale and bulk of the apartment building on the left side of the access to 3 storey with a 4 storey set back.
Removal of all 3 storey houses.
All houses will be 2 or 2.5 storeys in keeping with the height and scale of neighbouring properties.
Houses along the northern boundary reduced in footprint and massing.
Improved design
Design amended and improved to propose a more traditional design, including the introduction of traditional building features to the apartment buildings, such as bay windows. Homes facing southern boundary redesigned as link detached dwellings.
Improved layout
Plots 23-27 moved away from preserved Oak tree in rear garden.
Apartment buildings moved further away from Old Forest Road to allow landscape buffer and new softened frontage to street scene.
Parking and access
Total number of car parking spaces increased to 83.
Parking areas broken up with street planting to reduce impact of hardstanding.