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North and South Wokingham Development Locations

A Consortium to continue the South Wokingham development to the south of the Reading-Waterloo line submitted a planning application to the Borough Council in June 2019 but revised it in August 2020.An application from Charles Church for housing at the western end of the South Wokingham Strategic development area was registered in March 2020. Both applications are awaiting a decision.

In the North Wokingham Location the first phase of the Kentwood Farm area (named Mulberry Grove) is complete and the second, called Kentwood Farm West, is well under way, as are all the planned phases of the Matthewsgreen Farm development to the west.

Housing was approved for Bell Farm (marketed as Eldridge Park) on the north side of Bell Foundry Lane and Keephatch Beech (now Keephatch Gardens) to the east adjacent to London Road. Both are substantially finished.
The Wokingham Society has responded to a request to propose names for the streets on the Mulberry Grove, Kentwood Farm West, Eldridge Park and Montague Park developments and a number of names of significant past residents have been used:

Beaver, Chambers, Culver, Spooner, Neville, Braybrooke and Wheeler for Mulberry Grove;
Morris, Readwin, Penny, Goddard, Farbrother, Ayres and Lockhart for Kentwood Farm West;
Bingham, Eldridge, Landen, Hazylwood, Francis and Brant for Eldridge Park; William Heelas, Drew, Sambourne, Whitlock, Ashmole, Draper, Planner, Beechey and Tickner for Montague Park.

Photo Montague Park