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South Wokingham Development Progress

Photo South Wokingham consultation plan

The consortium of developers for the South Wokingham Strategic Development Location south of the Reading-Waterloo railway line held two exhibitions of their plans for that area on Saturday 3 November and Thursday 8 November 2018. The development is intended to include 1600 dwellings, a primary school, a local centre and natural green space. The consortium submitted three composite planning applications in May 2019 and the Society’s Executive Committee submitted a response which can be seen here.

The consortium subsequently provided a revised application in August 2020, saying: “During the application process, we have engaged with the relevant consultees to address any concerns raised. Comments and further information now available, have resulted in changes to the masterplan following the reconfiguration of the location of the primary school and local centre to accommodate the drainage requests. Further, the detailed design of the Holme Park SANG has been refined. As a result of the detailed review of the illustrative layout, the number of dwellings that can be achieved on site has reduced …from 1,495 to 1,434 dwellings”.

Not included in these plans is land around the Lucas Hospital to the west of the consortium’s area. This is subject to a separate planning application by the Pegasus Group on behalf of Charles Church, submitted in March 2020. Following two earlier exhibitions about this site the Society’s Executive Committee submitted a response which can be seen here. It subsequently submitted its views on the application itself in a response that can be seen here.

A decision on both the above applications is awaited.