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The Wokingham Society Blue Plaques

The Wokingham Society has placed a number of "blue plaques" on significant and interesting buildings around the town. There are now fifteen plaques and a free Blue Plaques Trail Guide can either be downloaded below or a printed copy can be obtained from the Information Centre in the Town Hall info@wokingham-tc.gov.uk

Click Trail Leaflet for an electronic copy of the Blue Plaque Trail Guide (which includes a trail map). All the plaques currently placed are fully described.

Click Trail Map for a copy of the Trail Map.

Click on the thumbnail images to view the full size photographs.

 Blue plaque example

Photo 15 The Terrace blue plaque

 Tudor House

Photo Tudor House

 Montague House

Photo Montague House

 Railway footbridge

Photo Railway footbridge

 British School

British School

 Wokingham Town Hall

Photo Town Hall

 Rose Street

Photo Rose Street

 15 The Terrace 

Photo 15 The Terrace

 The Queen's Head 

Photo The Queen's Head

 The Overhangs

Photo The Overhangs

 31 Rose Street 

Photo 31 Rose Street

 Church House 

Photo Church House

 The Electric Theatre site

Photo Site of The Electric Theatre site

 Wescott School

Photo Site of Wescott School

 Lucas Hospital

Photo of Lucas Hospital

 The Old Workhouse

Photo Site of the Old Workhouse

 St Crispin's School

St Crispin's School