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Wokingham Publications


Wokingham: A Potted History: Richard Gibbs

Wokingham Market Place 1900 - 2019: Paul King

Wokingham A Chronology of the 19th and 20th Centuries: Jim Bell

Bygone Days in Wokingham: Ken Goatley

Wokingham - a pictorial history: J and R Lea

Wokingham (Britain in Old Photographs series): Bob Wyatt

Bracknell, Wokingham and Ascot (Frith's series): Trevor Ottlewski

Wokingham - the town of my life: Ken Goatley

Living Heritage - History of bell ringing at All Saints,Wokingham: John Harrison

Wokingham Historian series(1 -11): Wokingham Society History Group

Three Walks in Wokingham: Wokingham Society History Group

Wokingham from Elizabeth 1 to Cromwell: Wokingham Society History Group

We Dug for Victory: Wokingham Horticulture Association

The Wokingham Agricultural Association 1835 - 1985: Bowyer Family Memorial Trust

Emmbrook - An unfinished history: Vol. 1 The Village Hall: P.R.Shilham

Emmbrook - More unfinished history: P.R.Shilham
Even More Unfinished History: P.R. Shilham
Yet More Unfinished History; P.R Shilham
Still More Unfinished History of Emmbrook; P.R.Shilham

Wokingham in the News 1771-1999 ebook by Jim Bell

Wokingham History booklets by Jim Bell, as follows:

19th Century St. Paul’s: Glimpses of Parish Life - £3.00

St. Paul’s Wokingham Early 20th Century Parish Magazine Extracts -£3.00

St. Paul’s Parish Wokingham at War 1939-1945 - £3.00

St. Paul’s Parish Church, Wokingham - £3.00

A Stroll through St. Paul’s Parish Churchyard, Wokingham - £3.00

19th Century St. Catherine’s Bearwood Glimpses of Parish Life - £3.00

St. Catherine’s Church Bearwood Parish Register Extracts - £3.00

A Short History of Bearwood and Sindlesham - £3.00

19th Century St. Nicholas Hurst Glimpses of Parish Life - £3.00

A Short History of The Parish of St. Nicholas Hurst - £3.00

St. Mary the Virgin, Twyford Parish Register Extracts - £3.00

A Stroll Through St. James’ Churchyard - £3.00

19th Century St. James Finchampstead - £3.00

First World War, St. James, Finchhampstead - £3.00


Former Mayors of Wokingham, from 1885 to 1946 - £3.00

Former Mayors of Wokingham, from 1947 to 1979 - £3.00

Former Mayors of Wokingham, from 1980 to 2015 - £3.00

High Stewards of Wokingham - £3.00

Former Town Clerks of Wokingham - £3.00

A Short History of Five Wokingham Families - £3.50

The Story of HMS Garth - £3.00

Nine Days Holiday Tour in a Caravan - £3.00

Miss Winifred Spooner, Aviatrix - £3.00

Wokingham Remembers the Second World War - £3.00

The Inimitable Cecil Culver - £3.00

A Short history of Wokingham Fire Brigade - £3.00

Wokingham and the Royal Jubilees - £3.50

Memories of Wokingham Town Hall (1860 to 1946) - £3.50

Memories of Wokingham Town Hall (1947 to 2005) - £4.00

Miss Baker’s School and other Wokingham Memories - £3.50

A Chronology of Wokingham Home Front During WW1 - £4.00

Wokingham: A Chronology of the 19th and 20th Centuries  - £5.00

A selection of leaflets are published by the Wokingham Town Council including:
Wokingham Town Guide (Town Council) 2014/2016 (For online copy go to Town Council website here)
A Walk in the Market Place and Rose Street
History of Wokingham Market and Charter
Wokingham Town Hall - a brief history
List of Wokingham Borough and Town Mayors 1885 - 2005
Wokingham Town Council - the Mayorial Regalia
Wokingham Town council - the Silver Collection
Wokingham Coat of Arms

Notes: Some of these publications are available in the Information Centre at the Town Hall, through local bookshops or, in the case of Jim Bell’s publications, also by ringing 0118 9629820. Others are no longer on sale or in print, but copies may be found in Wokingham Library's Local History section, along with other books and pamphlets that have been published over the years.

Other material about Wokingham can be found at the Berkshire Archives in Coley Avenue Reading, and in the Historic England Archive in Swindon.

References are also made in numerous general books on England or Britain and in many websites under Wokingham, Berkshire.