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Local Plan Update

Local Plan

Wokingham Borough Council is in the process of updating its local plan which will shape the future of Wokingham Borough.

This updated plan will guide development in the Borough for the period 2026-2036, following on from the Council’s Core Strategy and Managing Development Delivery Plan for the years up to 2026. The Update will plan for more housing but also for new employment, schools, roads, parks, shops and community facilities.

One of the key reasons given by the Council for needing the Local Plan Update (LPU) is that the Government has changed the way that local authorities plan for development, particularly for new housing. It is the responsibility of each individual authority to assess how much development is needed in its area and how much should be provided.

It is expected that the LPU will be completed and, if approved after public consultation and submission to a planning inspector, adopted in May 2019.

In Autumn 2016 the Council consulted the public on its general approach to the LPU in a document it called Issues and Options. The Society’s Executive Committee responded to this consultation and its reply can be seen here.

The Council has been collating and reviewing all the comments and this, together with a Sustainability Appraisal of potential development sites, will inform their approach in the next stage, which will be a set of proposals in a Preferred Options report, to be issued for consultation in 2018.

As concerns housing development, the major sites submitted by developers for consideration fall outside Wokingham Town. In addition, and not within the list of sites included in the Issues and Options report, an expression of interest for potential government support for a new garden settlement of 15,000 dwellings at Grazeley has been submitted by the four authorities of Bracknell Forest, Reading Borough, West Berkshire, and Wokingham Borough.

The Society’s Executive Committee will continue to respond to consultations at each stage of the process.